Four Famous Dandies Paper Dolls

Four Famous Dandies Paper Dolls
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Four Famous Dandies Paper Dolls
Dandy paper dolls featuring four fashionable fellows from history and today, illustrated by Jim Howard.

The first famous dandy represented is Beau Brummell, the Englishman whose persnickety style was so splendid that it drove him from royal favor to bankruptcy. He favored simple elegance and meticulous tailoring. Oscar Wilde, the 19th Century literary genius dressed in a romantic fashion. Another dandy dresser, the Duke of Windsor, caused a major scandal in 1936 when he abdicated the English throne to marry the American divorcee he loved. His signature style mixed pinstripes and checks and the way he knotted his necktie became famous.

Today’s dandy is Patrick McDonald, a New York fashion writer and man about the scene. In his flamboyant but studied style, he is constantly photographed and interviewed. Recently Patrick McDonald was a contestant on Bravo TV's fashion design competition show, Launch My Line.

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